Community Prosecution

Meet Your Community Prosecutor

North Fulton-Office opened in 2009



Zone 1-Office opened in 2006

Director, Community Prosecution Program

Zone 2-Office opened in 2010

, Senior ADA

 Zone 3-Office opened in 2005

Claire Farley, Senior ADA

Claire FarleyA third generation attorney, Claire Farley grew up surrounded and influenced by those who fought for justice. During her 10-year tenure as a Fulton County Assistant District Attorney, Farley has prosecuted a wide range of crimes. One of her most notable cases as a Community Prosecutor was that of the ‘You Tube Burglar.’ Defendant DeGeorgio Jackson, whose crime was captured on videotape and posted online to international notoriety, was sentenced to 15 years in prison for burglarizing a Grant Park home. Claire is proud to work for Zone 3.


Zone 4- Office opened in 2000



 Zone 5- Office opened in 2003


Zone 6- Office opened in 2009


South Fulton- Office opened in 2007
East Point- Office opened in 2014

, Senior ADA




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